Tiny But Mighty

Tiny But Mighty is the name of a non-GMO heirloom popcorn that I adore. Once only available at local farmers markets, it’s now sold in grocery stores across the country. Tiny But Mighty is making a big impression in a competitive market by promoting healthier corn—for people and for the environment—that’s also very yummy, with […]

An Antidote to Overwhelm

My inbox is overflowing with emails decrying the latest scandal or program cut, with newsletters promoting crucial stories, with action alerts urging me to write, call, sign, march, donate. I am overwhelmed with the number of issues that matter to me and the volume of urgent political fires that need extinguishing every day. I care […]

Don’t Let Fear Shut You Down

So many people around me—my friends, clients, family—are dealing with fear. They believe we have a president who is reckless, dangerous and impulsive. They feel he has a world view that is backward thinking, that clings to the fossil-fueled, earth-raping, power-privileged, racist, sexist, exclusionary beliefs that are destructive for our world. They are afraid that […]

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