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Camp Pachamanka: A Platform for Healing through Permaculture and The Work That Reconnects

Friday, June 29, 2018 - Sunday, July 1, 2018
All Day

9669 N. Bellview
Freeport, IL


A weekend experience camping on the land, combining permaculture and The Work That Reconnects to help us heal our relationships to Earth and to each other.

Trying to make change in the world by ourselves, while crucial, is not the strongest stance: we need others. In trying to birth a new earth centered paradigm, how can we relate to others, find common ground and not relive old scripts born out of trauma? How can we move forward celebrating the gifts we each have and using our strengths to unite us, rather than allowing our weaknesses to divide us? What wisdom can we glean from the earth when we are quiet enough to listen? How do we move from an “us vs. them” world to a world that includes and celebrates all?

We will explore these questions through rich and varied experiences on the land of Pachamanka, a permaculture property in northwest Illinois. This weekend will combine work on/with the land, group processes from the Work That Reconnects, yoga, ritual and facilitated discussions to excavate root causes of humankind’s current abusive stance towards our planet and each other and to heal our relationships to Earth and to one another.

We are thrilled to welcome our presenters! Kathleen Rude will guide us through The Work That Reconnects, a powerful group process that: connects us to what we love through gratitude; creates safe space to honor the pain we feel for our world, our society, and our personal pain, which frees us and empowers us to reconnect with life, seeing with new eyes how we can be change agents in the world, with a renewed sense of community and solidarity. Sarita Dougherty and Champoy will guide our conversations exploring social disparities and how this impacts women, communities of color and in poverty. They will also help us map our inner being while unlocking the ability to play. Marcelyn Cole brings her uniquely formed take on yogic and tantric practices to start our days grounded in our bodies. Our host Nance Klehm will orient us to the land and will facilitate our hands-on work in the gardens and on the property, sharing her deep love and extensive knowledge of permaculture and of being in right relationship with Earth.  (see below for more information about our presenters.)

Our camp coordinator Teria Stamatis will guide us in developing a group ritual to help us harness the energy of nature and of each other in powerful direct experience. We will work towards developing personal practices to keep us connected and mindful moving forward.

The camp will be run by the campers, with group prepared meals and chores. We will organize groups to bring in and prepare meals for each other. The group connection will be strengthened as we all create the camp and a powerful camp ritual together.

We look forward to meeting you all at Pachamanka under the full Strawberry Moon!

What: A camp for grown-ups
When: June 29 and 30th July 1st 2018
Check in from 10am to 2pm June 29
Closing Ceremony 5pm July 1st
Cost: $200 plus your share of one group meal (more info to follow)

Accommodations: We will be camping in tents on the land. Participants bring their own camping equipment. We will have access to a kitchen for meal preparation.

Where: Pachamanka 9669 N. Bellview, Freeport, IL 61032

To register for Camp Pachamanka, click here. REGISTER BY JUNE 15

Need more info? Contact Teria at



Kathleen Rude
Shamanic Practitioner
The Work That Reconnects Facilitator

Kathleen Rude fell in love with the natural world as a young child and found her voice for environmental activism at age 10. She has a B.S. in Wildlife Ecology and an M.S. in Natural Resources. Kathleen began her career as an environmental writer. Her studies of indigenous spiritual practice eventually led her to become a shamanic practitioner and ceremonial leader. She has been mentored by Joanna Macy and is a senior facilitator of The Work That Reconnects. Kathleen is affiliated with the Joanna Macy Center at Naropa in Boulder, CO. In addition to Work That Reconnects workshops, she also runs workshops on environmental awareness and Earth-based spirituality. Kathleen has published her first novel, The Redemption of Red Fire Woman. She is a board member of Nuclear Energy Information Service, a nuclear power watchdog organization, opposing nuclear power and promoting sustainable renewable energy.


Sarita Dougherty
Mapping Cosmology of Self
Sarita Dougherty’s work articulates new visual languages of hybrid identity, ethnoecology and an animate worldview in pedagogy and in painting. She maps cosmologies of the self and home as the departure point for as healing and sustainability and teaches at the community, college and University levels. Sarita was a 2017 Artist in Residence at the Huntington Gardens and exhibits widely in and around Los Angeles. She currently lives and works on a mountain habitat with her partner and child. She is nourished with the blood memories of her Celtic, Cajun and Bolivian ancestors.

Statement: I work towards realistic and incremental shifts in a cosmology that is grounded in the earth and centers balance for all life, rather than anthropocentrist over-consumption. I start with my own self and home, making little vision drawings of where I want to be in a few months to a few years’ time. Another way is through the visibility earth-based spirituality in my pedagogy and paintings. Finally, in order to compost traumatic aspects of society that hinder us from collaborative habitat-building and as a biracial being, I participate in dismantling white privilege and hierarchies in culture and relationships, again starting within myself and also in participatory workshops. There are cyclical movements to affirm, there are powers to acknowledge, and there are ways to lovingly hold ourselves accountable yet also practice constant forgiveness as we try to walk away from the destructive pathways we also participate in.

Creative Instigator

Champoy is an LA-based artist and educator born and raised in the Southern Philippines. His artistic approach focuses mainly in instigating creative atmospheres that allow the elements of play and flow to percolate in the everyday. He also works with reclaimed and recycled materials transforming these discarded items into and relics of the imagination. Currently, he is working on collaborative projects that focus on decolonization and liminality as well as doing workshops on woodworking and social justice puppet theater.


Marcelyn Cole

Marcelyn makes yoga’s transformative physical, energetic and psychospiritual practices accessible to people of all ages, abilities, and backgrounds. In addition to over twenty years of yoga practice, her offerings are informed by study and work in ayurveda, yoga teaching for diversity, trauma informed yoga, yoga therapy, prison yoga, family yoga, Montessori early childhood education, regenerative ecological design, social activism, postanthropocentric thought, and various holistic traditions especially Sri Vidya Tantra. She has shared yoga in studios, schools, community centers, art and activist spaces, jail, urban farms, and health care centers.

Marcelyn also offers workshops in support of social justice and ecological healing. She helps lead the Socially Engaged Yoga Network, a loose web of Chicagoans interested in Yoga and social equity.

“I see my work right now residing at the intersection of holistic tradition, non-anthropocentrism, regenerative ecological design, and social justice. All of these frameworks point to and honor interconnectedness. Abuse and suffering occur when humans believe we are separate from parts of ourselves, from other human and non-human beings including the land. Practices and mindsets which make explicit interconnectedness are integral to the healing and thriving of all.”


Teria Stamatis
Camp Coordinator

A professional actor since the age of 7, Teria’s artistic focus has been in the group creation of artistic work with Theater Oobleck; an anarchist theater company, and My Damn Butterfly; a 5 woman a cappella vocal ensemble, the chief among many collaborative efforts. She is a sadaka in the Tradition of the Himalayan Masters based upon the Yoga Sutras of Patanjali. She devotes much of her time to the care of schoolchildren , her own child and the child within.


Nance Klehm

Social Ecologist

Nance cultivates and forages medicinals and edibles, keeps bees, has chickens and quail, co-runs a seed bank and stewards Pachamanka. She is the Director of Social Ecologies ( which works internationally on wastestream revisioning and reallocation, soil contamination and fertility, and agroecological practices.

Located Between Freeport IL and Monroe WI, Pachamanka is an oasis in the industrial farm landscape of Northern Illinois. It is stewarded by Social Ecologist Nance Klehm. The land is being naturally decontaminated and returned to its native state while at the same time functioning as a working farm where, among other things, rare plants are cultivated and a seed bank is kept.

Camping at Pachamanka is a bit different from your Yogi Bear or State Park experience. Nance Klehm explains a bit about the unique amenities you will encounter at Pachamanka:

“We practice Eco- Sanitation here at Pachamanka which means that everything goes back to the land. What that looks like is outdoor solar showers, dry toilets where waste goes right back to the earth, grey water sinks so that no water is lost. We compost EVERYTHING to make beautiful soil.”

Do you have to bring your own toilet paper? No! The outdoor dry toilets are quite deluxe in their own way. There is electricity and running water and a full kitchen where meals will be prepared…but these are a ways away from the primitive campgound we will be using. The human footprint at Pachamanka is designed to be as minimal and respectful as possible, Showers need to be quick-if you decide to take one, no showering is fine with us!

To make the camp as unobtrusive to and respectful of our host, the farmhouse is closed to campers during the stay.

IMPORTANT! There is no internet service at Pachamanka making it truly an oasis of calm.



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