Spring Equinox Ceremony

Tuesday, March 20, 2018
7:00 pm - 9:00 pm

Infinity Foundation
1282 Old Skokie Valley Road
Highland Park, IL

Let Your New Dreams Take Flight!

Spring is the time of new beginnings, new life, new dreams, new ways of being. It is the season of Eagle and Hawk, who bring us messages from the Divine and our own inner wisdom. Spring is the season of Wind and its gift of letting birds take flight.

The evening begins with a Journey to Hawk and Eagle to receive messages about what news things you wish to bring into your life. Then an Origami Paper Crane Ceremony will follow where you can fold your new ideas/beliefs/dreams/innovations into a beautiful crane that will help your dreams take flight!

Bring crystals and/or stones for the ceremonial altar. They will be imbued with your intentions and blessings, so you can bring these energies home with you.

The evening will close with drumming. Bring drums, rattles or other percussion instruments, if possible. A limited number of instruments will be provided.

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