RESCHEDULED! Stone People’s Sweat Lodge Ceremony

Saturday, August 26, 2017
3:00 pm - 8:00 pm

Rabbit has blessed the Chestnut Lodge with abundance…an abundance of babies! Momma Rabbit dug out a little hutch between the fire pit and the lodge pit and gave birth to a bunch of baby bunnies. The little ones won’t be out of the hutch in time for our August 26 lodge. Rabbit is inviting us to RESCHEDULE our ceremony.

The next lodge is scheduled for Saturday, September 16.

In the meantime, receive the gift of Rabbit Medicine —fertility (of ideas, dreams, not just babies!!), the ability to move ahead with leaps and hops, and the power of our tears. And, of course, the medicine of Adorableness!! 🙂

NOTE LATER START TIME! For summer lodges, we are starting later in the day to take advantage of shade and slightly cooler temperatures. Please make sure you come to lodge fully hydrated. Avoid caffeine. While some people fast or eat very little before lodge, we recommend for those new to lodge that you have a healthy meal midday.

An opportunity for people to gather in sacred ceremony
 for prayer, healing and connection to all of life.

Location: Ceremony is held in Deerfield, IL. The location will be sent to you when you register.

Please note: On rare occasion, we cancel a lodge due to unsafe weather conditions. If we do need to cancel, you will receive an email by 1:00 PM that day informing you of this. Also, the cancellation notice will be posted at on this page.

You will be outside for this ceremony. Dress appropriately for the weather.

Women on their moon time (menstruating) are welcome in this sweat lodge ceremony.

What To Bring: 2-3 towels, light/loose clothing to wear in the lodge (shorts, tee-shirt, loose dress, bathing suit), comfortable clothes appropriate for being out of doors. Light finger food to share after the ceremony. Please do not bring anything that requires refrigeration or preparation.

Donations Appreciated: There is no charge for attending sacred ceremony. A contribution ($20 suggested but not required) to cover expenses (stones, wood, insurance, lodge repairs) from those who are able is welcomed.

How To Prepare: The Stone People’s sweat lodge ceremony provides you with an opportunity for prayer for yourself, for other people, for your community, for the earth, for all your relations. Spend some quiet time reflecting on the healing you wish to pray for on all these levels. Bring your open heart to the ceremony.

On Site Preparations: You may have opportunity to make prayer ties before the Lodge begins.

REGISTRATION IS REQUIRED: Email registration is preferred: You can also reach Kathleen at 847.331.1050.


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