RFWCover 180The Redemption of Red Fire Woman blends suspense and romance in this riveting journey of self-discovery, rich with sacred ceremony, treacherous obsession and timeless love.


“I found The Redemption of Red Fire Woman to be a compelling and enlightening blend of intrigue, romance, history, and current environmental issues. Kathleen Rude’s sensual writing creates a vivid portrayal of place and events. The story-line makes it a page-turner. Most of all, this novel resonates with the author’s knowledge of, and respect for the Ute culture. It would be an excellent choice for a book club, and would make a powerful, ‘don’t miss’ movie!”   more reviews

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When mural artist Sarah Cavanaugh lands the commission of a lifetime—a three-month stint on a millionaire’s ranch in a remote river valley in the mountains of western Colorado—she steps into a mystery that has reached through time to ensnare her. While in the local museum, Sarah faints after viewing a primitive bear claw necklace made by Ute Indians. She is plagued from that day forward by

an inexplicable palsy in her left hand and ominous nightmares. The only person who understands what is happening to her is Duncan Hawk, an enigmatic Ute medicine man. Duncan’s help—and Sarah’s compelling attraction to his troubled nephew—will change her life and her sense of reality forever.

As Sarah becomes involved in the landscapes, people and history she’s commissioned to paint, she finds herself an unwitting participant in a tragic story that began 160 years ago and in an environmental conflict that threatens the valley’s way of life. These seemingly unrelated events share a haunting connection that Duncan was warned about in a vision. Ancestral spirits suggest Sarah holds the key to healing the past and altering the future. But is she willing to risk her heart and her life to do as the spirits demand?

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