Active Hope: Will be rescheduled in early 2019

Saturday, October 20, 2018
9:00 am - 5:00 pm

Education Wing, Lutheran Church of the Ascension
460 Sunset Ridge Road
Northfield, IL

We did not meet our minimum number, so this workshop will be rescheduled in early 2019. I hope you are out working on mid-term elections!

Facilitated by Kathleen Rude

Feeling overwhelmed? Transform your burden and burn out into resilience and inspiration!

We live in challenging times. How can we respond and continue our work in the
world without burning out, numbing out or losing heart? We can choose to practice Active Hope.

Active Hope is about what we would love to see happen in the world. Active Hope is about becoming a participant in bringing about what we hope for. Active Hope is a practice that fosters resilience and strengthens our commitment.

This ground-breaking workshop is designed for those who want and need a deeper sense of inspiration, hope, resilience and renewal to support their work in these troubling times.

This interactive experience is based on The Work that Reconnects, an innovative process developed by Joanna Macy, internationally acclaimed author, eco-philosopher and activist. The Work will help you transform overwhelm and despair into inspiration and a renewed sense of your ability to make a difference!

The Active Hope workshop includes experiential practices, reflection, and inspirational readings and teachings. This work is engaging, invigorating and gives you tools for dealing with the challenges of living in difficult times.

“This gave me clarity as to what we can do in our own lives for the planet
and that every little bit in the form of new consciousness or action counts!”

Investment: $65.  Student rate: $35

REGISTRATION REQUIRED BY OCTOBER 17: If you would like to register and pay at the door, contact Kathleen via email or phone: 847-331-1050 BY OCTOBER 17.


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