Guiding Spirits to the Light: Shamanic Practices for Personal Empowerment #11

Tuesday, November 12, 2019
12:30 pm - 2:30 pm

Gaia Wisdom Workshops
7 Lincoln Street
Glenview, IL

You must have shamanic journeying experience to attend this class!

Guiding Spirits to the Light: Psychopomp

When a person dies, the spirit or soul may not be able to make the transition to the Light on its own for many reasons including sudden or traumatic death, fear of death, unfinished business, or loved ones unwilling to let them go. Such spirits need assistance from trained guides. This sacred work is called psychopomp. Learn how guide spirits to the Light with the assistance of spirit allies and guardians.

Develop and strengthen your awareness of the presence of spirits, ways to communicate with spirits, and practices to protect yourself while remaining open to your intuition.

Learning this psychopomp practice is especially beneficial for people who are intuitive or empathic and who sense, hear, see, or otherwise know when spirits are present. This is also helpful for supporting people in the dying process to help ensure that the spirit can transition easily. Bring one or two crystals to be initiated as helpers for you in this process.

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The Series

Shamanism is a way of life that engages our interconnection to the natural world and the spiritual world. While professional shamanic training requires years of study, many core shamanic practices can be used for personal empowerment, guidance and healing. If you wish to deepen your spiritual awareness, strengthen your intuitive gifts, and expand your communications with the spirit world and with animals, plants and minerals, this year-long 12-course curriculum will give you the tools and the experiences for your own personal shamanic practice. Core shamanism is welcoming of all spiritual and religious traditions. In these classes, you will explore your own personal experiences of sacredness and spirituality.

There are 12 different courses in this series. You may take each one in sequence if you are interested in receiving a certificate of completion in personal shamanic practice. Or you may take any classes that interest you without committing to the entire curriculum. Experience with shamanic journeying is helpful but not required for most of these courses.

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