Roots of Resilience For Uncertain Times: A 5-Part Online Workshop

Roots of Resilience For Uncertain Times: A 5-Part Online Workshop

Tuesday, February 8, 2022 - Tuesday, March 8, 2022
11:00 am - 1:15 pm

Time Zone UTC -6, US Central Time
Chicago, IL

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This online workshop meets on five consecutive Tuesdays: February 8, 15, 23, 30, March 1 and 8 from 9:00AM Pacific/11:00AM Central Time – 11:15AM Pacific/1:15PM Central Time. Plan to attend all sessions. (Central Time is UTC -6. To convert to other time zones, click here.)

It’s heartbreaking to remain conscious and engaged in our crazy times. Everywhere we turn, we experience the Great Unraveling of our society and our world: systemic racism, the pandemic, global climate change, poverty, mass extinctions, etc. It’s clear we can’t continue with Business As Usual. The fear, grief, anger, and helplessness we feel can be unbearable because it’s not just our personal pain; it’s the collective pain of all life on Earth. When we come together and honor our feelings about our world, we realize our radical interconnectedness with all peoples and species, and become part of the Earth healing herself. It is essential that we do this work now. This precise moment is an opportunity for unprecedented transformation, a time to root into the wisdom of our living planet, heal our divisions and foster our resilience to take part in this transformation known as the Great Turning.

The Work That Reconnects offers practices to reawaken our innate bonds with each other and our sacred living Earth that guide us in the Great Turning toward a life-sustaining and just future. Pioneered by root teacher Joanna Macy, the Work That Reconnects draws on ancient spiritual traditions, deep ecology, and systems thinking.

In this 5-part online workshop, we grow our roots of resilience for these uncertain times as we move through the Spiral of the Work that Reconnects—beginning with Gratitude, then Honoring Our Pain for the World, Seeing with New and Ancient Eyes, and Going Forth. Join us for this interactive group experience that will help you restore your sense of purpose and possibility to address the complex nature of our times.

COST: We want to make this workshop available to everyone, so we are offering a sliding scale: $200 – $50. Your generosity helps us continue this important work. If your contribution needs to be less than $50, please contact us at

REGISTRATION: There has been tremendous demand for this program. Class size is limited. Sign up soon to save a spot. Registration is at the bottom of the page.

DATES: February 8, 15, 23, 30, March 1 and 8 from 9:00AM Pacific/11:00AM Central Time – 11:15AM Pacific/1:15PM Central Time. You are expected to attend all sessions. We will meet via Zoom. 

Online Class Details, Format, and Schedule

This work is very interactive. There will be ample time for teachings, experiential practices, small group discussions, large group sharing and community rituals. There will also be optional home practices, readings, and “buddy” calls.

This is a 5-part online workshop (11 hours total). We will meet via Zoom.

Class 1 : Gratitude for Our World
Class 2: Honoring Our Pain for the World
Class 3: Seeing With New and Ancient Eyes
Class 4: Deep Time with our Ancestors and Future Beings
Class 5: Going Forth into the Great Turning

Facilitated by Kathleen Rude and Molly Brown

(This workshop series was previously facilitated by Jolie Elan and Molly Brown. Kathleen Rude has joined Molly to continue offering it after Jolie’s sudden death on November 30, 2020.)

Molly Brown M.A. M.Div.

Molly lives in Mt Shasta, CA with her husband Jim. In her work as a writer, workshop facilitator, and life coach, she draws on the Work That Reconnects, ecopsychology, psychosynthesis, and systems thinking, and specializes in working with activists. She co-authored with Joanna Macy both editions of Coming Back to Life (1998, 2014) and edits an online journal, Deep Times: A Journal of the Work That Reconnects. Her other publications include: Growing Whole: Self-realization for the Great Turning; Held in Love: Life Stories To Inspire Us Through Times of Change (co-editor Carolyn Treadway); and Lighting A Candle: Collected Reflections on a Spiritual Life. Website:


Kathleen Rude  M.S.

Kathleen Rude fell in love with the natural world as a young child and found her voice for environmental activism at age 10. She has a B.S. in Wildlife Ecology and an M.S. in Natural Resources. Kathleen began her career as an environmental writer. Her studies of indigenous spiritual practice eventually led her to become a shamanic practitioner, ceremonial leader and teacher. She is a senior facilitator of the Work That Reconnects (WTR) and has been mentored by Joanna Macy. Building on the brilliance of WTR, Kathleen is developing her own process for helping people be an effective force for change in their lives and in the world through the choices they make every day. She will detail this practice in her upcoming book, How To Be An Every Day Difference Maker. Kathleen has created A Guided Self-Practice of The Work That Reconnects (42 minutes), available as a digital download. She is the author of the novel, The Redemption of Red Fire Women, a spiritual story of suspense and romance in the Colorado high country. Website:


What People are saying about Roots of Resilience

“I’m so grateful for this work. For years I have been praying to learn how to deepen my service by bridging my own spiritual empowerment with real earthly change-making and engagement. I feel that this process and community has opened a door for me to finally start to allow my pain for the world to become motivation to act, founded in my deep love and compassion, integrating my knowings of interdependence, longing for a regenerative world, and personal healing. Thank you!”
~ Diana Egizi

“Thanks to all for deep sharing and healing conversation holding/witness. Really life-changing, the results of this workshop will ripple out in the coming years. Thanks to facilitators for holding lightly and strongly”
~ Kerryn in Australia

“An amazing experience. Transformative. Emotionally safe! Well done!”
~ Julia Smagorinsky

“This was the loveliest group and this course has been a lifeline. Thank you!!!”
~ Liz in Brooklyn

“Although far in distance I felt I met a community where I could share my sorrows, pains, ideas. I could be myself, play a blade of grass and receive compassion, understanding and gratefulness for the gifts. This is the first time that happens to me”
~ Dominique Ringler in Brussels

“This has been a beautiful timely gift – Deep gratitude and respect for the collective wisdom – your offering has created a desire to share this work and also want so much more..ahem I want to linger…a little longer”
~ Jana in Canada

“The workshop provided space for me to reflect on where I am now including feelings I don’t often allow to come to the surface. This brought a deeper connection both in myself and with others. I discovered new ways of experiencing myself and of being in the world. Taking part in both small groups and the whole group brought a strong feeling of cohesion and support. Facilitated with both wisdom and care.”
~ John

“This was a great experience that offered a powerful framework and a generous invitation for us to discover and explore our own authentic and rightful place in the change that needs to happen.”
~ Bob H. M.F.T


We want to make this workshop available to everyone, so we are offering a sliding scale. Your generosity helps us continue this important work.



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