Guided Self-Practice of The Work That Reconnects


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“I am moved and inspired by Kathleen Rude’s Guided Self-Practice. This inviting and effective recording nourishes the listener and will help keep their workshop experience alive and accessible. This is a meditative practice I will continue to use to connect with the gifts of the spiral. Kudos to Kathleen for bringing us practices that honor the listener’s wisdom and process while beautifully guiding them through a transformative journey.” 

                                              ~ Joanna Macy



The Work That Reconnects is an interactive experience that is designed for group work. Its power to transform comes from the synergy and interplay inherent in connections with others. A challenge that many workshop participants experience is how to take the magic and inspiration of the workshop with them once they return to ordinary reality. How can they apply the spiral on an on-going basis, especially if they don’t have a community of practice? To help address this need, Kathleen Rude has crafted a guided self-practices that makes the Spiral journey available any time.

The Guided Self Practice is a 45-minute experience of the Work That Reconnects spiral, moving through Gratitude, Honoring Our Pain, Seeing With New and Ancient Eyes and Going Forth. The practice offers rich visualizations and moving music that guide the listener into a profound experience of the Spiral. As in a workshop, the listener is given opportunities to express feelings, insights and imaginings. The listener is invited to speak responses out loud, write them down or respond in silence.

The Guided Self-Practice can be used as a weekly or monthly practice or whenever you feel the need to be supported by the Spiral journey. This recording is the first in a series of guided self-practices of The Work That Reconnects that Kathleen is creating.


What People Are Saying About the Self-Practice…

  • “This is so well done. Strong and inviting. Paced well. Powerful. You have assembled an amazing journey.”   P.A.
  • “This is clearly a work of love and great personal investment. It’s beautifully prepared and presented.”   M.K.
  • “I was so moved by the Ancestors and Future Ones meditation. So inspiring!”  S.N.
  • “I love the music! And the drumming and singing!” A.K.
  • “This is so lovely!! I am so glad you have created this. Again, such a beautiful offering.”  A.A.



Recorded and Mixed by Sean Alvarez

All original music composed and performed by Sean Alvarez

Photography and Graphic Design by Carol Freeman

Self-Practice designed and recorded by Kathleen Rude

Copyright © 2023 Gaia Wisdom, LLC. All rights reserved
Kathleen  Rude • (847) 331-1050